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I saw Man of Steel in a press screening in Chile last Friday. First I'm going to say it is great. There's a lot of critics comparing it to the Donner movies, but this is something different. I loved the Donner/Reeve movies. But that is 35 years old. It's time to move on. Something that a lot of critics are also saying is that it doesn't have "magic", or "humour", taking away the "fun" that superman has.... Excuse me but that belonged to the Donner universe, which was fine for it's day, but nowadays some may call it "cheesy" and not serius, too fantasy and all powerful. Man of Steel is serious. It's in the real world. It shows what would happen if it was inserted in a real world, what would be people's reaction, governments, army, media, etc... This approach was taken with The Dark Knight trilogy and it worked. It's different than the light movies Marvel has given us (except for the first Iron Man, which I think had a little more serious tone). And believe me, it is not "dark", it feels real!!!. The movie gives answers to a lot of questions. The Clark 's journey from boy to man is very well done, like batman begins. Cavill is great as Superman, and he gives the role a real character's decisions and reactions. Amy Adams is a great Lois, tough and very brave, not the woman in danger every time, but a real badass!!! Russel Crowe is also great as Jor el, and Shannon is the best Zod one can hope, maybe a little over the top. Faora is also frightening and shows some robotic coldness of a society of warriors with no moral to stop them. Diane Lane is a great mom and Costner is the best Pa kent with little screen time. The other characters are all great and their screen time serves the pacing of the film. The critics also say it has little character time, but it serves for the porpose of the movie, there's a lot of things happening and there's a limited time to tell the story, which is awesome and very entertaining. Also it is built as with the sense that there will be secuels, so the romance, conflicts and characters will be more explored or developed in secuels. There's sci fi, adventure, drama, action, all in one. The best action I have seen. The Fx are really great and the fighting is similar to the animated justice league's best fight's, with massive destruction. I could go on and on talking great about this movie, but to say something, I will say it's one of the best movie experiences I've had.

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